technology of basalt wool insulation

equipment for the production of basalt boards Uzmetkombinat started production of basalt thermal insulation. Jun 27, 2016 JSC Uzmetkombinat has mastered the production of various basalt thermal insulation products needled mats, insulation boards, mineral wool. Submittal Sheet Safing Insulation/ Mineral Wool technology from basaltic rock. Safing Insulation/MW is inorganic and will not mildew or support corrosion. Excellent Thermal Performance Safing Insulation/MW also provides excellent thermal properties in all commercial curtainwall systems. Safing Insulation/MW delivers R-values of 4.0 per inch. Quick Installation Safing Insulation/MW installs and . Rock Wool Board Manufacturers, Rockwool Board . Rock Wool Board We are one of the premium Supplier and Service Provider of Rock Wool that is highly recommend for providing natural, passive built-in fire protection, and has fire-safe insulation that helps protect the buildingâ s load-bearing structure, protecting lives and investment.    Read More