maximum copper grade of copper sulfide minerals cus cu2s

Copper Sulfide Industry - gategse Prominent Copper sulfide minerals include Cu2S (chalcocite ... Extract maximum value with minimum environmental impact when processing ... Copper Sulfide (CuS) ... What is the chemical formula for Copper Ore? | Yahoo . Nov 08, 2009· Best Answer: Copper has many different kinds of ore. These ore minerals contain copper atoms that are locked up in a crystal lattice with some other non-metals, like oxygen (copper oxides), sulfur (copper sulfides), or silicon-oxygen tetrahedra (Si02, copper silicates). Zonation of Sulfate and Sulfide Minerals and Isotopic ... About Cookies. Notice: Please be advised that we experienced an unexpected issue that occurred on Saturday and Sunday January 20th and 21st that caused the site to be down for an extended period of time and affected the ability of users to access content on Wiley Online Library.    Read More