can you put magnetite into a furnace

How do I directly connect a generator to my furnace . If your furnace has a wire that plugs into a receptacle. Just use a extintion cord to make the switch. If your system does not have a receptacle it plugs in to you will need to add it for the quick and easy change over. How to Install Central A/C in Mobile Homes | Hunker Determine if the mobile home furnace is A/C-compatible and if the mobile home has an exterior 220-volt power outlet. An A/C-compatible furnace must have an A/C control box, an A-coil and a two- or three-speed blower motor, depending on the furnace model. Blast Furnace | Feed The Beast Wiki | FANDOM powered . -*You can get Nether Brick by compressing Netherrack in a Compressor and in Minecraft 1.5, you can get Nether Bricks by smelting Netherrack into Nether Brick, four of which can be crafted into a 'Nether Bricks', as if Netherrack were clay.    Read More