does the ores get crushed to make copper

Copper, Silver and Gold - University of Denver The copper nugget shown at the left is like those that were found in Upper Michigan, and provided the purest copper available, "Lake copper," for many years (image ©Amethyst Galleries). Rich copper ores are very rare, and much effort has been expended to make the more widely available lean ores economic. Copper in the USA: Copper Producers Copper in the USA: Bright Future Glorious Past Copper Producers. At the beginning of copper's flow through the economy are the mining companies, which process vast quantities of low-grade ore, mostly from open-pit mines in order to produce copper. Extracting a metal from its ore - chymist One of the common copper ores, ... The copper oxide is then heated with carbon to get copper. ... the mass of the crushed malachite.    Read More