coke deposited on catalyst

Effect of Temperature on Regeneration of Deactivated ... Catalytic reforming is a major conversion process in petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. The reforming process is a catalytic process which converts low octane naphthas into higher octane reformate products for gasoline blending and aromatic rich reformate for aromatic production. Part 17: Petroleum Refining Catalysis and Deactivation Catalysis plays a key role in petroleum refining as most of the processes beyond the crude unit are catalytic. Since most straight-run fuels produced through fractional distillation do not meet the quality requirements for low-sulfur and higher-octane fuels, most of the crude unit fractions are further processed. Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Riser Reactor Operating ... catalyst by burning the accumulated coke on the catalyst in the riser reactor by use of air. ... remaining irreversibly deposited on the catalyst.    Read More