what can you buy with gold pressed latinum

Why can't Latinum be replicated? | Page 2 | The Trek BBS Nov 12, 2012· Jake wouldn't be able to replicate latinum for the same reason I can't print off a thousand $100 bills on my laser printer. I don't have the authority to issue legal tender, and if I did, it would be counterfeit currency - useful only until I got caught. Gold-pressed latinum | MetaFilter How does economics work in a post-scarcity society - namely the United Federation of Planets? As depicted, the canon is not entirely consistent. But there are clear consequences to meeting all one's material needs with ease. Why is there money at all, for example? Does Picard's family own vineyards ... star trek online gold pressed latinum - apartmanlipno . 2016 1 oz Star Trek Latinum Slip Gold-Plated. Each 2016 1 oz Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Latinum Slip has the same gold-pressed latinum slip appearance from the show, including a maker's mark on the reverse. Hello guys. Can you help me with a Calc problem? Thanks . Apr 08, 2015· (Once you have their money, never give it back.) An apartment complex on Ferenginar with 600 units is currently fully occupied. The current rent for a unit is 2950 slips of gold-pressed latinum. Gold Pressed Latinum Chat and Forum - Investing All comments and discussions regarding Gold Pressed Latinum. Join the chat about Gold Pressed Latinum and Gold Pressed Latinum price in Investing 's live Gold Pressed Latinum discussion and chat platform.    Read More