automatic indexing of milling machine notes

Machining operations and machine tools - Vertical Milling Machine vertical knee‑and‑column milling machine 44. Highly automated machine tool can perform multiple machining operations under CNC control in one setup with minimal human attention Typical operations are milling and drilling Three, four, or five axes Other features: Automatic tool‑changing Automatic workpart positioning 45. Quick Indexer w/ 3" Chuck | Grizzly Industrial Combine the convenience of a 3-jaw Chuck with a horizontal and vertical indexer and your milling setups will be fast and accurate. The indexer features 15 degree detents with a quick release lever, 1 degree graduations, quick action clamp, precision milled faces and plenty of clamping ledges. FS Stetig - Natex Machinery Group Manual clamping / automatic indexing head (minimum index unit: 5°) MC 5-face milling head (Limited on FS/DX/PC/LG/LS series) Vertical / Horizontal ATC unit is not included.    Read More