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Growth of 10,000 - Morningstar, Inc. The Growth of $10,000 graph shows a fund's performance based on how $10,000 invested in the fund would have grown over time with dividends reinvested. The returns used in the graph are not load-adjusted. The growth of $10,000 begins at the fund's inception, or the first year listed on the graph ... Global Financial Inclusion | DataBank To edit an existing country group, click on the Edit link in the current selection panel in right side. Now you can add new countries or remove the countries to an existing customized group. The Fed Does Not Control the Money Supply - The . May 06, 2015· By the way, in discussing monetary policy I sometimes write "money supply" as shorthand for "monetary base"; it has always been clear, if you read my work, that I know that the Fed only truly controls the base and that this need not translate into changes in broader aggregates.    Read More