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Hybrid / Air Knife Parts Cooling Conveyors - emicorp Water spray cooling/ Air knife drying If you need to cool an extrusion or part quickly, a water spray can sometimes be the perfect choice. This application uses three water sprayers to spray a fine mist of water down onto hot extrusions as they pass underneath. Conveyors Flat Belt and Shaker Conveyor - Used . Conveyors Flat Belt and Shaker Conveyor Click Photo for More Details: Item No. Photo: Price (USD) ... Conveyor System - 4.5 inch Wide Table Top Type Conveyor . Conveyors (Roller) SWMS | BlueSafe Solutions The Conveyors (Roller) Safe Work Method Statement is a comprehensive SWMS Template which is highly comprehensive and pre-filled and ready for immediate use after adjusting it to suit your site specific requirements. Extrusion Take Away Conveyors - EMI Corp EMI offers a wide choice of Extrusion Take Away Conveyors. Standard options allow each conveyor to be customized to meet your specific application needs.    Read More